Monday, January 26, 2009


Besides death, they say it's the only thing you can't avoid. I did an estimate on our taxes last week as a reality check, and was disappointed to discover the minute refund we'd be getting (much less than I anticipated). I was just waiting for all of the tax documents to come in the mail so I could file and get our chump change back. However, I was super excited when I got my W-2 in the mail today! I miscalculated my income, so I quickly did another estimate...we'll be getting about what I hoped we would! And next year, we'll get to have another deduction for Baby #2!! Praise God for kids!

On another note, I'll be doing a few tax returns this tax season to earn a little extra money. Please let me know if you'd like some help with yours!


Mom On A Mission said...

Thank you for your encouragement. This baby was a big surprise for us. I am a planner and organizer, so it's really teaching me a lot.


Mom On A Mission said...
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Hannah said...

It seems the only way to avoid taxes is to aspire to be a Democratic cabinet member. So... dream on.