Sunday, February 22, 2009

A few good cats...

Well, two good cats...are in desperate need of a good home. We love them so much, but 3 animals are just too much to care for with a little person to keep up with and soon a sleep-deprived mommy and a newborn. Not to mention, it does get a little expensive to keep up with feeding 3 animals.

Jack and Jill are wonderful 3 year old cats (though they're still playful). They are very loving and affectionate and are extremely good with children. They've even let small kids tote them around quite awkwardly. They are from the same litter and have been together since birth, so they must stay together. They get along great and look after and clean each other. There is just one caveat...Jill is slightly special needs. The vet said she's got separation anxiety and was taking medicine for a while. However, in the last year or so she's not had any medicine and has had no problems. Also, one of them (no idea which one, maybe both) is a chewer. We will occasionally find tiny teeth marks on random items. However, nothing has been noticed in the last year or so.

They are currently in our basement, keeping each other company. We didn't really want all of the cat hair in the baby stuff, so they've been down there since Adon was born...almost a year ago. Please help us find a good home for them. The last thing we want to do is take them to the humane society, but we're getting desperate. We've been trying for quite some time to a good home for them. Please help!

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