Thursday, January 8, 2009

Small News

Jer and I have been asked to teach/disciple a Crown Financial ministries class at church. I'm so excited about it! I taught the youth a simpler version when I was in college. It's funny that this offer comes at a time when we're financially most in need of some teaching ourselves! God always gets us to a point we quit trying to survive on our own and rely completely on Him. I think we're about there, as we're struggling to make it on one income. However, God has promised that He will always provide, so we aren't worried.

Also, we got Adon a big boy carseat tonight. We were very blessed by Happy's (J's Grandpa) generosity! Shopping for carseats is such a challenge...trying to get just the right one. We didn't get the one we set out to get, because there were soooo many to look at! It's a good thing we got one. I knew Adon wasn't anywhere close to the weight limit on the pumpkin seat carseat, but asked the lady at the store about the height limit on it. Don't you know it's 29 inches. The same height Adon measured at his 9 month checkup a couple of weeks ago. Guess we'll have to figure out how to get it in our cars tomorrow...before our trip to Bloomington. Isn't it just like God to provide exactly what we need?

BTW - it's been sooooo nice to have J home for dinner every night this week! I'm really glad school is over!

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Ryan and Lori said...

We are also doing the Crown Financial thing at our church. Ryan is a fan of Dave Ramsey and we have always applied these principles to our finances. God is ALWAYS faithful to provide for us, if we are faithful to give it all to Him. I know its tough living on one income, but God will take care of His children.