Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Don't take it for granted...Adon and I have had colds since last Friday and neither of us can breathe very well. Actually this is my second cold. The first one last two miserable weeks. I had a nice one week reprieve before being attacked by this second cold. It's awful not being able to breathe through your nose...your lips get chapped, your mouth gets dry, your throat gets sore, and you feel as if your nose is taking over your head. It's especially bad when you sleep, you can't sniff the snot back it because you're all clogged up and so it just drips all night. You toss and turn hoping one position will provide some slight relief. On top of all that, I can only take Tylenol...

We've moved Adon back into our room for sleeping so he and I can share the humidifier. I've been putting saline drops in his nose...per the pediatrician's recommendation...several times a day. They seem to be helping. Last night he only woke up once, and I actually slept pretty well. I remember waking up once in the night and sat up in bed and thought to myself...hey, I can breathe!! Must have been that second dose of Tylenol Cold J made me take right before bed!

There is one bonus...Adon took a 4 hour nap yesterday!!! He's been sleeping for two and a half hours so far this morning. Hooray for time to do chores!! Actually, my dad came over for lunch and a game of Sequence yesterday and kept me company. He also used his expertise and helped me make soft pretzels. Mmmmm........

Ok, guess I should get back to work while Adon's still sleeping...although a nap sounds really good, too.

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Ryan and Lori said...

You are so right, Annie, there is NOTHING worse than having your nose stuffed up. I especially realize that with a little children. You know they don't understand and you just feel so sorry for them. Adriana is getting over a double ear infection and with that has had a lot of drainage. Its a bad year for all these colds and flues that are going around. I hope you and Adon get feeling better soon.
P.S. I would opt for a nap while he napped, if it were me. Forget chores! :)