Sunday, November 30, 2008


This has been such a fun Thanksgiving! It started on Wednesday. I helped pack Thanksgiving orders at the bakery and then in the evening I made egg casserole, green bean casserole and maple butternut squash to take to Aunt Barb's. Thursday morning, Adon and J packed for our trip to Bloomington, while the girls went to Aunt Barb's to help the food get going.

Mom really wanted to have a Thanksgiving breakfast, but it would have been so much on her to do that and it would have had to be so early since we had to be at Aunt Barb's house by 10. So, I made an egg casserole and fruit salad for breakfast. Mom, Aunt Barb, Jamie, Donna, and I enjoyed a nice breakfast at Aunt Barb's before the hustle and bustle. Aunt Barb was pulling the turkey out of the oven about the time we got there and it was a beauty! She already had the smashed potatoes done and Mom brought the sweet potato casserole. mmmm.....

3/15/09 - I can't remember the details this much later...Precisely why posts should be written as they happen...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Nothing will make you appreciate what you have until you see what someone else has...

Max threw up in his bed...then ate it...TWICE in the last week. That sound will certainly send a pregnant woman running for the bathroom. I jokingly told Jer that Max was HIS dog.

Donna, while holding Adon, got a sandwich out of the fridge for a snack and let her dog, Daisy, and Max in from outside. Obviously both dogs were interested in her snack. However, Max just watched. Daisy kept jumping on her to get her sandwich and finally succeeded. She wouldn't leave it alone even though Donna just about had her pinned to the ground. One piece of bread landed right in front of Max and he started to go for it...until I told him no. He promptly backed away while Donna was still trying to wrestle Daisy and hold Adon.

Of course we laughed, but it definitely made me appreciate Max's obedience...especially since I'm not really a dog person.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby's Due Date

Has changed...the ultrasound last week showed Baby was not as old as originally thought. He or she is now due June 27, and I still have 3 more weeks of the first trimester! Feeling pretty good, despite a few bouts of intestinal tension.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

August in Review

Sorry for getting so behind. I have some quiet time for a few minutes before little man will be up for lunch. Naps have been sooo much better. We've been letting him cry it out and he's been going back to sleep until the end of his nap time. Thank you so much for your prayers!!

It's a good thing we take pictures. I'd never remember life without them. So, based on our pics, back in August....

Adon took lots of cat naps, but none that lasted very long.

At almost 5 months, Adon was sitting up and was preparing for the Olympics with his floor routine.

He wore classic John Deere colors, courtesy of Nona and Papa Smith.

And he turned 5 months old...

And some other random things...mostly of him sleeping since that's when he's most still. :)

Current News

I guess I'll catch up on our monthly reviews sometime. Things have gotten a little crazy around here lately. J's school has never been more intense. He's doing team leads now, which means he rides with local fire departments and tells the crew what to do (even though his work is closely supervised) in preparation for real life after school is over. He spends every day that he's off work trying to meet all of the requirements in order to graduate. Graduation is getting closer and closer! His last day of school is December 17 and he graduates December 30. He's worked so hard and pushed himself more than I've ever seen him do before. I know it will be a big sigh of relief for our whole family when he's finished (not to mention the $500+ monthly payments). Praise the Lord for providing one month at a time so we didn't have to take on any debt for his schooling!!

Adon is doing some great and amazing things! The doctor says he's very advanced for his age...meaning at 6 months, he's doing what a 9 or 10 month old would be doing! He pulls himself up on everything and has walked the length of the couch...holding on, of course. It won't be long, though, before he can do it by himself! He's started real food about 3 weeks ago. He's had cereal and some green veggies. He cut his first tooth a week ago today and the second one will be breaking through before long. Daylight savings time has really thrown his schedule into a tailspin. He was sleeping until 8:30 or 9 in the morning, but now he's getting up at 6:30. :o( And his naps have been short...maybe 30 or 45 minutes. So he's been kinda cranky...and Mom's been kinda cranky with a cranky baby and not so much sleep herself.

As for me, this week has been really tiring. It could be that I am 8 weeks pregnant!! :o) I wasn't sure what to expect my first week as a full-time stay-at-home mom, but I definitely thought I'd accomplish more than I actually did. The biggest contributor to my lack of ambition has been the lack of energy. I remember from being pregnant with Adon how tired I was all the time, but at I don't remember being THIS tired. All of my energy is going to help new baby grow and trying to feed Adon. It doesn't help I've been getting up so early with Adon and not getting much of a nap, because he doesn't nap long. Please pray for wisdom and that the Holy Spirit would "fix" Adon's internal clock. Some of my big accomplishments for the week were to vacuum the entire house and to get most of the laundry done and to mostly keep up with the dishes. Whew! That was a challenge. Not to mention, J worked 15-hour clinical shifts on Friday and Saturday...I was so bored and lonely!! I hate when he's gone so much. I really miss him. I also had my first ob appointment this week. Baby #2's estimated due date is June will be the first June birthday in our family! Although I haven't gotten sick yet, I've definitely felt "unsettled" in my tummy. Goes with the territory, though. I'll post more later, but little man here needs to eat and go to bed...before he becomes even more cranky or "helps" me finish this post.