Wednesday, January 14, 2009

October in Review

Adon is beginning to recognize Grammy and Grampy and LOVES their snuggles!

Adon got more sturdy at sitting up and began to pull himself up on anything he could...including the box my new sewing machine came in. Jer got the sewing machine (along with his mom and Happy) for my birthday/anniversary. I was so surprised. It was the perfect gift!! Aunt Barb helped me learn how to read a pattern and sew my first few projects.

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary on October 15th. My mom made a little cake with our monogram on it for us, and J got these beautiful flowers for me.

Adon got his first taste of cereal. We tried to wait as long as we could to start him on food, so I would be home full time and have plenty of time for all the mess that might be made! It was so fun to watch J feed him.

J stopped by home while he was in the neighborhood while he was working one day. He loved showing Adon the ambulance he drives.

Because big boy can pull himself up now, he thinks nap time is play time.

We quit using the baby bathtub in the kitchen sink when Adon started grabbing the hot water handle. We quit using the baby bathtub in the regular bathtub when it got too hard to hold a slippery baby still. So, Adon had his first big boy bath without the baby bathtub.

Adon also celebrated his first Pumpkin Day! My first project with my new sewing machine was Adon's costume. For my first attempt, I'd have to say it turned out pretty well. It kept him much warmer than needed, since we had an incredibly warm day to go Trunk or Treating.

And lastly, we captured a few pics of Adon snuggling in his sleep...on of Daddy and one of his womb-bear. This year was rough on all of us. With Jer being gone so much for work and school, days would go by that he wouldn't see Adon. He'd leave before Adon woke up and come home long after Adon went to sleep. The times Jer was home and Adon was awake were cherished, and my boys snuggled.

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Ryan and Lori said...

Good Job on his costume! I wish I could sew!