Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Little R & R

This is the first time Jer has had some time off of work and didn't have to do clinicals!! We're up in Bloomington celebrating Christmas with his family and enjoying the grandparents playing with Adon and all of the yummy food! I did bring a few projects to work on, but they're fun projects that have been put on the back burner. I'm working on Adon's baby book and a blanket for his new carseat. The blanket for his old carseat is too little now. But boy have I really enjoyed just resting!

Jeremy's mom is such a great hostess! We always have great food and rarely go home with any laundry to do!

Before we left for Bloomington, Grampy (my dad) gave Adon his first cookie! Grampy's been asking for a long time, "Can I give him a cookie?" My typical response has been, "He doesn't even have teeth yet!" However, with teeth numbers 3 and 4 coming in, I couldn't use that excuse any more. I think Grampy enjoyed giving him the cookie as much as Adon enjoyed eating it! It was just a small butter cookie, but he put it as far in his mouth as it would go and used his little teeth to break off what was in his mouth. It was soooo cute when his cheeks were stuffed with cookie!

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