Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shindel Happenings

I just got back from the pediatrician's office. Adon got his first DTaP shot...he smiled. He's doing so great! He's scooting really well...kinda like an inchworm, but he gets where he wants to go.

No updates on our "big news" that we can write about. We thought we'd know something the first week of September. Then we thought we'd know something yesterday, but now it looks like maybe Friday, we'll know some more. We know God is Sovereign. We're not worried, but still very excited!

In other news, J and I are starting a family business since I'll be "retiring" from the IRS at the end of October. Only 18 more working days! Woohoo!! Then I get to do my favorite job...serve J and be Adon's mommy! :o) We've been doing some ground work on the business and we're excited for me to be able to do more to serve J in that when I'm at home more.

We're also enjoying the AWESOME weather! Hurricane Ike hit St. Louis early Sunday morning. No idea how much rain we actually got, but we had at least 9" of water in our basement window well (on the outside). There was a small trickle of water that came in our basement, but praise God that was it! :o) Since then, it's been absolutely delightful!

We also have our friend, Dan Garrison, in from Dallas staying with us this week while he's here on business. It's so nice to be able to have friends in our home and bless them with all that God's given us.

That's about it for now...Adon will be 6 months soon, though.