Monday, September 10, 2007

Baby Names

We get our next ultrasound next week. This will be the unofficial determining of the sex. Our friend, Joy, from church, works for the Pregnancy Resource Center doing ultrasounds. She offered to do one for us at 16 weeks to determine if we have a boy or a girl, since our doctor won't do the next one until 20 weeks (4.5 more weeks away!!). Seeing as how we are so impatient and SOOOOO excited to meet this little person, we jumped all over that. I can't wait to call the baby by name! Jeremy is very sure we're having a boy and I have a hunch that she's a girl! We've had some fun teasing about it over the last few weeks. :o) So next week, we'll find out if we're having a Bella or an Adon (pronounced with a short a, kinda like Adam...but definitely NOT like Aidan).

Isabella Grace (Bella)
Isabella - consecrated to God
Grace - full of grace
Bella - beautiful

Adon Jeremiah
Adon - lord, singular form of Adonai, which when used in the Bible refers to God, but Adon refers to a human lord. Adon also means: fire, my Lord is Jehovah (Covenant), extremely good looking, handsome
Jeremiah - Yahweh (God) has uplifted

Let us know what you think! Bella or Adon?

A Mover & A Shaker

I know we have a mover and a shaker already! Baby was wiggling so much during the 9 week ultrasound and today, the doctor had to keep moving the doplar to keep up with Baby. Baby was dancing all over and she couldn't keep the heartbeat on the monitor!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Kari took pictures of Jeremy and Jake's tattoos while she was home for Labor Day. Check out her slideshow. Since then, J got a Superman tattoo. J is my hero and I frequently call him Superman, so it fits. :o)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Baby Teddy Graham

9 week ultrasound...Baby is 11 1/2 weeks now...about the size of a large strawberry.
At our appointment, the ultrasound technician said that Baby looks like a Teddy Graham!!
After seeing this, how can anyone say this isn't a baby!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Normal routine

I'm still on the morning (evening) sickness roller coaster. I'll have a few good days and think I'm getting toward the end, then I'll feel so bad that the only thing to relieve the misery is throwing up. The early part of the week seems to be the worst, especially after a long weekend, like Labor Day. It was a fairly stressful and extremely busy weekend with little sleep as J's sister, Tara, renewed her vows in a big, formal wedding ceremony and reception. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed most of the weekend, it's just more than this baby vessel can handle. It seems that I actually do better when I'm in my normal routine. I'm 11 1/2 weeks and will hopefully be finished with morning sickness and get the famous second wind every mom has mentioned when my second trimester begins. Only a week and a half away. Second trimester??? Holy cow, I can't believe I'm so far! I'll try to post pics on Monday of the 12-week tummy.

On a side note, my friend Hannah was due on Tuesday. I was so sure she'd have her baby on "Labor" day. Bless her heart, Trinette still hasn't made her first appearance. I'm sure there will be pics when she does.