Sunday, January 18, 2009

Appliances are going, going, almost gone.

The appliances I removed from our pantry during my spring cleaning are going fast. I'm eager to get them ALL off of our kitchen floor so I no longer have to walk around them. However, Adon has enjoyed his temporary drum set. The remaining items are:
  • Smoothie maker (we have a newer/better one)
  • Chopper (ok, ok...this one came from the Target $1 section. I couldn't pass it up, but have never used it)
  • 4-cup coffee maker (this was inherited, but still works great...we just drink more coffee than this little guy makes)
  • Small saucepan w/ a cool venting lid (running out of storage space and we have other saucepans that are part of a set)
Please let me know if you're interested and we'll make arrangements to get them to you.

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Jeanie Bree said...

Hey, I just thought I would respond to your question on my blog here. Feel free to check out my school's website. Hopefully, that can answer all of your questions.
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