Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning?

I got a spurt of energy this morning and attacked our second pantry...which is actually a hole in the wall with some shelves which we mostly use for storing appliances. In the three and a half years of owning the house, we have shoved so much stuff in there that it was more of a pain to get anything out than it was worth. I should have taken a before picture, but I didn't (and wasn't about to put the mess back once it was out). So here is the end result. A usable storage place where minimal (if any) items need to be moved to access everything, all like kind items (paper plates, cups, travel mugs, etc.) are gathered together, most-used items are on shelves I can reach, and there is plenty of space between things so stuff doesn't randomly attack you as you try to figure out just where the appliance is that you need. Adon did a great job entertaining himself while I worked. He played with his Wash-N-Go (car-matching magnet game), pulled almost all of the tupperware out of its cabinet, and tried several times to get into the trash can to find out what I was getting rid of. Without any further pantry.

Here is what has been removed from the pantry. Things we no longer (or have never!) used. We're looking for good homes for these lovely (some are new, some are very loved) gadgets. Please let us know if you can use them (we won't even charge you for these valuables!) or we'll include them in our yearly donation to the Goodwill or, better yet, save them for White Elephant gifts for next year!

Included are:
  • Electric wok (bowl is slighly warped and lit doens't fit right, but it's still usable)
  • Smoothie maker (we have a newer/better one)
  • Juicer (never used, still in its original packaging)
  • Chopper (ok, ok...this one came from the Target $1 section. I couldn't pass it up, but have never used it)
  • 4-cup coffee maker (this was inherited, but still works great...we just drink more coffee than this little guy makes)
  • Toaster (no idea on the condition, if you're interested, I'll test it out)
  • Small saucepan w/ a cool venting lid (running out of storage space and we have other saucepans that are part of a set)
  • George Foreman juice catching trays (we actually have the Foreman down in the basement and would be glad to donate to a loving home...we got a cooler one (aka w/ removable plates) to replace it)

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