Tuesday, July 21, 2009

That's not how I left you...

I laid Gabe on his tummy (with his head on the burp cloth) so I could get Adon up from his nap and change his diaper. This is how I found him when I returned!

Rolling over at 1 month beats Adon by a whole month! The doctor didn't believe me when I told him Adon rolled over at 2 months. He certainly won't believe me at Gabe's check-up on Friday that Gabe rolled over on his one-month birthday. Happy Birthday, Little Guy! Where has the time gone?

Look what I got!!!

I went to the produce stand to get some bananas today, because J and Adon go through about 5 pounds a week! I picked out about 6 good California peaches and was ready to check out. Next to the cash register was a box of bruised peaches majorly marked down. Now, we're not talking bruised so bad you can't eat them. Just a soft spot here or there. Easy enough to cut out spots. The 6 California peaches I picked out were $2.90. The 32 bruised peaches in the box next to the cash register were $2.00!!!!! First, I'm going to make some peach muffins. Then I'm going to peel and cut them to freeze and use for smoothies and peach cobbler and....oh, the possibilities! Please let me know if you have any good ideas/recipes that I can try with my new-found treasure!

PS - Did you know you can often ask for "ripe" bananas at a produce stand if you want to make some banana bread/muffins? They're about half the price of the regular bananas!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More to report

  • Adon just said "maa maa" (yes ma'am) without any prompting and immediately obeyed!!!
  • Adon continues to love on (sometimes too much) his little brother.
  • Gabe is chilling on his tummy with his paci in his mouth.
  • Gabe gags when he doesn't want something in his mouth (i.e. paci, food supply). It's really funny.
  • J is home from Springfield. It's so nice to have some middle of the night help again.

Monday, July 13, 2009

So much to report!

  • I just noticed yesterday that one of Adon's molars has broken through his gums. I didn't even know it was coming in! He bumped his mouth and it bled. When I inspected it, I found a chomper in the back! However, he's missing a bunch of teeth between his front ones and that molar. :o)
  • Adon knows how to pretend. We've been saving empty Pringle's cans for VBS at church, and Adon loves playing with them. He took the lid off, stuck his hand in, pulled out a pretend chip, and munched away pretending to eat. He also offered pretend chips to everyone else, who also enjoyed munching on pretend chips!
  • Adon knows how to pick up his toys and books. He's become soooo helpful! He can take his shoes to his room and put them away, put dirty clothes in the laundry basket, bring blankets and pacifiers to me for Gabe, and he's learning more things every day.
  • Adon is down to nursing just twice a day, morning and bedtime. We've eliminated the afternoon/nap time feeding unintentionally, but the afternoons have just been too busy.
  • Adon learned so many new words while Aunt Donna was here. In the last couple of days, he's started saying, "Yes, ma'am" but it comes out like "ma ma". It's really cute!
  • Gabe has started to have some head control. He lifts it up and then it flops back down.
  • Gabe is eating every 3 hours, but at night he's been going 3.5 to 4 hours. One night, he even skipped a feeding and went almost 5 hours! I felt really good after that one.
  • Adon loves his "bubba" so much! He always has a hug and a kiss for him. He tries to put (shove) his paci in his mouth. He says "shh" when Gabe is sleeping or imitates my shushing to calm Gabe when he's fussing.
  • I'll report more as I think of it. I've started the post on Gabe's birth story, but have been too busy/tired/obsessed with Facebook to finish it.