Saturday, December 22, 2007

nursery news

As my wife has posted many times in the past, we are expecting in March and life is a complete whirlwind right now. A couple of months ago I decided to clean up the office we had and convert it into a nursery. We both decided that we wanted something neutral in the nursery so we chose a safari theme. Annie gave me free reign on color selection and design ideas. The first thing that needed to be done was to clean out the office and tear up the carpet. One afternoon while I was playing Xbox 360 I finally decided to move all the old stuff in the office to another part of the house. Needless to say that now the twin room in the house has been overran with all the clutter in the office. Well almost all the clutter is in the twin room the computer desk is in pieces down in the basement. To be honest that was an exhausting 45min of my life especially carrying a computer desk down a flight of stairs by myself, it was a nice surprise for Annie to see after it was all done. When the day finally came to start the task I woke up and got started painting it took all afternoon but the walls and door and window frames, and ceiling were completely painted. When Annie got home that night we worked even more on the painting by putting on another coat of paint and then at 10pm Jake and I cut-in the rest of the room while Annie put on the final coat. The next day Jake, who stayed the night, tore up the carpet and put in the pergo floor to really make the room look even nicer. The colors really pop and I can't wait to see the animals that Annie's sister Donna will paint on the walls which will put the final touches on the room. The next thing we need is furniture like crib and changing table (HINT HINT HINT HINT) and then the nursery will be ready for Adon's arrival. It still brings a smile to my face and a twinkle in my eye everytime I hear his name or feel him kick or hear the word son.

These are the animals that
Donna is painting on the wall.

Look at what I did!!

here is the colors of the walls!

Annie's Christmas present!!!!!!!!!!
she loves it!!!!!

Leftover supplies and tools
the airplane bathroom sized closet

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Adon's first cake that Grammy and Aunt Jamie made
(we already ate it.!!! OOPS!!!)

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