Saturday, January 26, 2008


It's been over a month since I've posted...last post was before Christmas. Here's our Christmas pic...I know, it's not a good tummy picture, but it's the only one we had that I didn't look like a total blimp. It's amazing how much fatter I look in these pictures than when I look in the mirror...however I have controlled some of the extra weight I gained during perhaps I'm not as fat as the other pics made me look. I'll try to post a new tummy pic and the nursery pics soon.
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Anonymous said...

i want to see that belly! hang in there...adon will be here before you know it. and then you will realize how much easier it was when he was still inside you...ha. just kidding...a little.

amy ratliff

Anonymous said...

You really need to put some more pics of you up- pregnant pics!!! How are you doing, by the way? Im on bedrest til the end, but it looks like you and I may end up delivering close to the same time...they say 35-36 weeks is our goal. At this point, Im so fine with that! Email or call me!