Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why Cats Have 9 Lives

I was using the microwave (just above the stove) today, and our cat, Jack, was just a little curious. So he jumped up onto the stove and his foot slipped and hit the knob igniting the stove. I'm not sure which startled him more...his left side catching on fire or my reaction! Anyway, he immediately jumped down and raced for the basement...his usual response when he's been caught on the counters. I followed him to make sure he was alright and couldn't find him. I started shaking the treat bag (which ALWAYS brings him running) and it took him a bit to come out. I gave him the once over and was relieved to know that only his fur had been singed. It reminded me of Jeremy's eyebrows this summer when he got a little too close to the BBQ pit. LOL Jack spent the next half an hour or so licking his then black-tipped fur trying to restore its natural fluffiness. He's ok and everyone had a laugh. All the excitement brings a whole new meaning to curiosity killed the cat. I also now understand why cats have 9 lives! Only 8 more to go, Jack.

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