Thursday, April 9, 2009

Doctor's Visit and Other News

I saw the doctor this week for my 28-week checkup. She said I was 4 pounds lighter than at this time with Adon and that I look skinnier than the last time she saw me...which is funny because the scale tells me I'm about 4 pounds over my goal. My blood pressure was great, but I have been having dizzy spells a few times a week to the point I feel like I'm going to black out. The doctor said to watch out for sugar crashes and eat more protein. That was also a funny thing to me, since she told me with Adon that the more protein I ate, the bigger he would be. She also said my mid-section is measuring right on track. With Adon, I was measuring up to 4 weeks smaller, so the doctor thought Adon would be super tiny (around 5 pounds). Now that I'm measuring on track and feel much bigger, she thinks this baby may be a lot bigger than Adon was. We may have another ultrasound in a couple of months to determine the baby's size. However, I'm not worried in the slightest. The baby will come at the right time and there's nothing anyone can do if he/she is bigger or smaller than "normal."

I've ordered and received a 3-month supply of raspberry leaf tea to help prepare my body for the delivery. There are some major health benefits provided by this natural tea, and I can't wait to see the difference it may provide when the baby comes.

In other news, we've enjoyed J's first "seven-day" with his new shift. He's only working 3 days a week (13- and 14-hour shifts) and every other week he gets seven days off in a row! It's a major adjustment for me, because I don't have a normal schedule anymore. I'm trying to adapt to him being home so much (after a year of not seeing him much) and still get things done.

Adon is starting to toddle while holding onto me with just one hand. He jabbers up a storm. I know he is really trying to tell me something, but I can't always figure it out. He eats pretty much everything we do now, which is super convenient...however, it makes me more careful of what we eat so he eats healthy. We cleaned out his dresser and packed up his "baby" clothes to make room for all of the new clothes he got for his birthday. I'm excited for him to be able to wear some of his new warmer weather clothes!

That's about all I can think of for now.

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