Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cloth Diapers

I'm so totally excited!! I've asked J a number of times about switching to cloth diapers, but he was too grossed out by them. He, out of the blue, told me a few weeks ago that with the new baby coming, we should make the switch to save money!

I was a little overwhelmed to learn of all the cloth diapering options, and know no one (locally) who uses them. I couldn't even find a retail store that sold them. I've been putting off doing research on them, because I was afraid of choosing the wrong ones. Well, today I found this awesome store called Cotton Babies. They even have a cloth diapering class!! I called right away and signed up for the class. A major bonus is that they have a registry! I was worried that if we switch, how will I ever tell people what kind of diapers we will use, as a couple of people have mentioned having a diaper shower for us. The registry will make it so easy! Plus the registry is online, so our out-of-town friends and family won't be so confused!

However, the icing on the cake came when I was perusing their website this evening...they have a Diaper Grant for Missionaries!! I was completely amazed to read, "We want to give in a practical way towards the ministries of people who are giving their life to strategically spread the gospel among the unreached. The Diaper Grant for Missionaries is a practical way that we can make a positive impact on a missionary family's life on an ongoing basis." I mean, WOW!!! I'm even more excited about attending the cloth diaper class...and a number of other really cool ones they offer. Anyone else ever consider using cloth diapers? Let me know if you have and your experiences if you've used them. If you haven't considered them, all I can say is...they're not what they used to be and you should at least check it out!


Ryan and Lori said...

You're a brave soul Annie! I don't know if I could do it, but it does save a lot of money. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Annie, it's Jessie! This is a great post and I have talked w/ Kurt about using cloth as well. My coworker, Leslie, said that it is not cheaper at all, but really balances out to be the same cost. I know that there are environmental benefits and health benefits, but if your reasoning is primarily cost effiency, you may want to look more closely into it.