Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby News

Tomorrow, I will be 31 weeks. We have 2 months from Monday before our precious little person's much anticipated arrival! It seems as though time has been flying lately, which is a nice relief since it seemed to stop for a while just before that. I'm on my every two week visit to the doctor. In about 5 weeks, I'll start going every week. Dr. Cartwright may do another ultrasound around 36 weeks. She says I'm measuring on track, but that I'm measuring bigger than with Adon (although I weigh less now). She's concerned the baby will be much bigger than Adon. We're not worried in the slightest since she thought Adon would be so little and he was just perfect. According to my Week by Week book, Baby is about 3.5 pounds and nearly 18 inches!

I attended my cloth diaper class yesterday at Cotton Babies. Wow!! It was so informative...2 hours of information! I made it through the first hour fine, but then my brain went into overload. Adon was a champ through the whole thing! I think I have a general idea of what we'll use, but I have to sit down today to make a list of all we'll need for two babies of different sizes. They're hosting a yard sale tomorrow with about 10-12 vendors (moms) selling their used cloth diapering supplies. I'm praying for favor and God's wisdom to know what to buy and to get some good deals. I want to get enough to get started with Adon so I can have a little practice under my belt when I have to do it for two! What I'm not able to get, I'll be registering for. I think it will be fun, but I'm a little overwhelmed. As Jeremy would say, it will be an adventure!!

I also tried on the Ergo baby carrier last night. AMAZING!!! I was totally in love with our Jeep one, but this one is awesome! The girls at the store were super helpful and friendly. They let me try on the display model and helped me put Adon on my back and wear him around until our class started. I couldn't believe it fit, since I am 7 months pregnant! And it was soooo comfortable. My back hurt a little bit after wearing it, but not as much as if I was just carrying I had two free hands. I think Adon enjoyed snuggling so close to me. He kept laying his head on my back! :o) This is definitely going on our registry!

Please pray for me to find some good deals at the yard sale tomorrow!

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