Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Update on Jeremy's Job/School

Here is an update on Jeremy's job and school. Jeremy graduated from Paramedic school in December at the top of his class. Despite the national passing rate for a first attempt on the written test being only 50%, Jeremy passed the first time! He also passed the practical portion of his license exam in January. Jeremy then applied for and received his paramedic license from the State of Missouri. When he turned in his license at work, he received a modest raise in his pay. He's in the process of completing 80 hours of paramedic "ride-alongs" required by his employer and has put a bid on a full-time paramedic shift that will begin in April if he gets the shift.

After several weeks of attempting to reach the Mayor's office to discuss a sponsorship for the St. Louis Fire Academy (to begin in April), Jeremy finally made contact with his office today. Jeremy was informed that not only is the City of Florissant not hiring, but that they do not sponsor anyone for the Academy...this is contrary to what we were told back in the Fall. Needless to say, we are greatly disappointed and puzzled by what has transpired. The next Academy would start in September. However, without sponsorship, there is no way we can see how it's possible. We would need about $8,500 plus health insurance for Jeremy (required by the Academy) in order to pay the tuition and our bills while he is in the Academy (and without work). Also, there is a lottery to get into the Academy. So, basically, J's name would be put into a hat with everyone else who wants to go through the Academy. We know God will provide if that's the direction He has for us. After today's conversation with the Mayor's office, we are thinking, What now?

We know God is so faithful and good and gracious and merciful. We are so thankful to Him that Jeremy has a job and got a raise. We are so thankful for His constant provision and for health insurance for Adon and for me. He continually sustains us and He is our Hope! Please pray that God will give us wisdom and direction and speak clearly to us what His plan is for our family. Pray that He will open doors for us to get where He wants us. Pray that Jeremy would be encouraged through this time as he feels he is blindly leading our family. Until God speaks, we will wait on Him and trust Him.

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Ryan and Lori said...

In times like these, faith is the only thing that can carry you sometimes, and I know you both have that. I will pray for you guys. I know the uncertianty of it all can be troubling, but God will never leave you and your family. If this doesn't work out, there is something greater in store.