Sunday, March 15, 2009

I've been having lots of heartburn lately...I guess this baby will have lots of hair like Adon did. Speaking of hair, Adon's hair is so wild when he wakes up! He had a good chunk on the side of his head spiked this morning. It wouldn't lay flat, even after I brushed we made the best of it and spiked the rest of his hair for church! You can see it in this video. Adon LOVES his books. He's got quite a few on the bookshelf that he's allowed to play with. Everyday, he'll pull some of his books off and sit and "read." Sometimes he reads out loud, and sometimes he just looks at the pictures and turns the pages. Toward the end of the video, you'll see Adon's new fascination!

He chases Jack around and just LOVES him! Sometimes, Jack will rub his nose on Adon's hand, which makes Adon scrunch up his nose and giggle. We're trying to teach Adon to be gentle with Jack and not bang on him...hopefully we'll have this figured out before the new baby comes!

Adon can say a few words now, though to most people they probably sound the same. He says Da Da, Jack (one of our cats), and dog, but they all sound like "da" each with its own emphasis. He still won't say Ma Ma. He's learning what a lion and a cow say. He thinks a cow says "nnnnn," and every once in a while he'll say "mmmm" for a I know he's getting closer to Ma Ma.


Jeanie Bree said...

Wow! He is getting so big and super handsome. The video was sweet.

Ryan and Lori said...

He is too cute! The poor cats never stand a chance! Adriana also LOVES to read, she always has. That's a good thing that they love books so much!