Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our First Week of Cloth Diapering

After my cloth diaper class last week, I attended the cloth diaper garage sale at Cotton Babies. I got a couple of things, but not nearly what I had hoped for. I bought the other cloth diapers and accessories I would need for Adon, including a sprayer for our toilet. The sprayer was J's request, and I got a good deal on a dented package. I then registered for all the smaller stuff for Baby along with some cloth wipes. Total spent...less than $190! Currently, for Adon's generic diapers, this is about a year's worth of diapers. However, if we had to use Pampers for Baby (as we did for Adon), this is less than 5 months worth of diapers. Plus, we can use them for a number of babies!!

I washed (and re-washed) the diapers to prepare them for use, got all of the accessories in order, and started our adventure the next day (last Sunday). We've experimented with a couple of kinds of diaper covers and have settled on the ones that work the best for Adon. We also had a small leak with the sprayer, but J fixed that right away. We've had no blow outs and most amazingly, no soaked sheets in the morning! This has made it all worth while, just in itself. I don't have to rush into Adon's room in the morning and change him right away out of fear that he peed through and soaked his sheets. I've also heard from other parents at the diaper store that they switched to cloth diapers, and the poopy blow-outs stopped. While we haven't had one with Adon in a while, before he ate table food, they were a daily occurrence. I'll be so glad to not have to worry about them with Baby. The only downside has been the extra bulk over cloth diapers. We just bought a bunch of 12-month summer clothes for Adon that are now snug with the extra bulk. We were able to exchange some of them, but it won't be a problem going forward since we'll know to plan for the bulk.

Even with traveling and extra laundry, it has been really easy. Cloth diapers today are definitely not what I remember my mom using. We have successfully completed our first week without a single disposable!! I would definitely encourage any mom to consider switching. They're barely more work than disposables and oh, so much cheaper!!

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