Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free Pictures, Today Only

I just got 25 free pics from for a Mother's Day promotion using the promo code PRINTS. Today is the last day you can use it, so hurry and get your free pics!

I used mine to order the rest of the pics I needed for Adon's baby book and ordered some others I'll put into a photo album. I'd really like to be up-to-date on Adon's baby book before Baby #2 arrives...6 weeks to go!


Ryan and Lori said...

Man alive! I wish I could be up-to-date on Adriana's book before Baby #2 gets here. I just don't have a good area to scrapbook. I haven't even scrapped her first b-day party, over a year ago. You are my hero, Annie! :)

The Shindels said...

Lori - I would be my hero, too! lol. Clarification...I'd like to have Adon's fill-in-the-blank baby book done. I haven't even touched his baby scrapbook yet...other than ordering the pictures I want to use for his first two months!

Ryan and Lori said...

LOL...that's still really good. Its so hard to find time to do even the little things.