Sunday, February 22, 2009

Too much to post

I have all of these things running around in my head to post, but never get a chance to do so in detail. So I'll give you a quick recap on events in the Shindel household as of late include:

  • J passed both of his paramedic tests. We are waiting for his license to arrive in the mail.
  • J turned 32 and we celebrated his birthday the weekend before with my family. I was going to make him a special dinner and have tiramisu for dessert on his actual birthday (the 11th), but I got sick and J made his own birthday dinner.
  • We spent Valentine's Day watching a movie at home, because J got the bug I had. However, Adon spent his first night alone at Grammy and Grampy's. We were glad for a little time alone, even though J was least Adon didn't get sick!
  • Adon ate his first Paczki.
  • Adon attended his first birthday party for a friend.
  • Adon got a new pair of Stride Rite tennis shoes and can now stand on his own for up to 8 seconds...though he doesn't realize he's doing it.
  • Adon says Da Da very well and babbles a lot.
  • Adon gives kisses...very wet, open-mouthed kisses. :o)
  • I finished our taxes and the taxes of two friends/clients.
  • I took major advantage of a sale at JoAnn's to stockpile fabric for my current sewing project.
  • I made my first pair of baby shoes and a newborn hat for a shower gift. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out (despite a few failed attempts with a bad hat pattern).
  • We found out that the new baby is...healthy and doing very well. But you'll have to wait until he or she arrives to find out any more!
I have to say, for having a bad case of pregnancy brain, this is a pretty good recap. I'm sure I'll remember something else as soon as I post this, but this is good for now.

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