Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Roller Coaster Continues...

03-25-08: Easter Saturday was very busy at the bakery. I suppose it was a good thing that Adon wasn't born BEFORE Easter, because my parents would have been very tied up at the bakery. Easter Sunday (Resurrection Sunday as we've started calling it, because even the pagans celebrate Easter) came and while I got ready for church, I was very sober. We were still wondering if Adon would arrive that day as we hoped to celebrate new life. I felt so much (self-inflicted) pressure in my spirit for him to make his arrival because we thought it would be perfect to have an Easter baby. We were late for church, as usual, and I didn't want to talk to anyone or answer any questions. Fortunately, my family had saved us seats really close to the back. As we entered the meeting room at the hotel where the church was gathered, I was instantly overcome by the Holy Spirit. The musicians were singing and the only lyrics I can remember are "You're my Master, You're my Owner, and I love serving You." My eyes welled up with tears as I repented for trying to control the circumstances surrounding Adon's birth and for praying so desperately for him to be born on Resurrection Sunday. I confessed,"Lord, you are my Master. You are a good and kind Lord. I am your servant and my body is for your service. I'm carrying this baby for Your glory. Please forgive me for trying to tell you how and when things should happen. I love you and I'll be content to serve you and allow you to determine the details." I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders as the Holy Spirit continued to minister to my heart.

The rest of the day was spent with my family. We had a lovely ham dinner with our favorite Parmesan potatoes and a delicious oreo mint cake (my favorite!!). We played games all afternoon and it was incredibly wonderful. I was able to enjoy spending time with my family without worrying about the baby or when he was coming. It was such a nice relief.

Tuesday (the 25th), something in my mind started wondering why the doctor was so concerned about the position of my cervix. I began to worry and searched the internet for what was causing it and how to fix it. The Lord directed me to a site that explained that Adon, while face down, was facing the wrong direction. His forehead was pressing on the bottom of my uterus (instead of the crown of his head) which was pushing the cervix backwards. By feeling his feet and his little rump, I could tell Adon was facing almost exactly the opposite direction that he was supposed to be. This really concerned me, because someone we know just had a C-Section because her daughter was "sunny-side up" just like Adon. The website recommended some exercises that may help spin the baby into the correct position. However, since he'd already dropped, getting him to spin would be quite challenging. I called our chiropractor to find out if he knew anything about spinning babies and if he could help. He said he'd check into it and call me back. I also called my mom and a good friend Libby to explain what I'd learned and the urgency to spin Adon. Both of them prayed with me and put me on the prayer chain at church. Throughout the rest of the day, I did some of the recommended exercises. My mom called me that afternoon and excitedly explained what her sister (Aunt Donna) shared with her about being aligned with God and that they were praying that the Lord would align Adon into the perfect position. Also that afternoon, Jer and I went to the Christian bookstore to use some gift cards and we just happened to find a book filled with prayers about childbirth. Wouldn't you know I flipped right to one that prayed about proper alignment!! My eyes filled with tears as I read through it and prayed that prayer. We bought the book and quickly shared it with Mom, who cried too.

Before we went to bed that night, Jer and I both prayed over Adon and the delivery. We were in complete peace with our good Lord and Master in control and able to do the impossible!

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