Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby Pictures...At Last

So it's been almost a month, but I'm slowly starting to catch up. I'll keep posting a few things at a time until we're up-to-date.

Here are pictures of Adon's Birthday and his hospital stay. Please don't judge my really fat face in the delivery pictures. The doctor said I was getting that pre-eclamptic look. As you can see here, I looked normal just a week earlier. I'm still working on the post for Adon's birth, but I want to make sure it's just right, because the Lord did so many amazing things that I want to capture them all. I want to have it on record so I don't forget anything and can tell my children of the wonderful things God has done for us.

And, because most of you have seen these pics already, here are a few more from when Aunt Donna came to visit and was a tremendous help. However, she spoiled Adon by holding him so much that now he hardly sleeps unless someone's holding him. We still trying to let him cry it out at bed time.

J's mom and Ben and Grandpa came to visit the following weekend. Here are some from their visit. Enjoy and stay tuned. More will be coming!!


Jeanie Bree said...

So happy to see pictures. We were axiously awaiting them. Everyone looks fantastic. We will never forget Adon's birthday as it is the day after Olivia's. Can't wait to watch your beutiful family grow!!
Jeanie, Dan and Olivia Bree

Ryan and Lori said...

I'm so excited to see pictures! He is so cute! He has tons of hair, I love it! Such a beautiful son and I know you,re so proud! It's easy to forget that they are that little, soak up each moment, because it goes by so fast!