Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Adon's Travels

Adon went on his first overnight trip on Friday. Daddy had to work, so Adon and I went to Kirksville for a friend's wedding. We stayed in a hotel on Friday night and went to Kate's wedding on Saturday. It was so cold!! It was about 75 degrees when we left home on Friday and had dropped to about 45 degrees by the time we got there. I hadn't packed any warm clothes for either of us. The wedding was outside by a lake and it was so cold and windy. I kept Adon in the snuggly wrapped in blankets, so at least he was warm. Because it was so cold, I didn't want to try to nurse him. I pumped at the hotel on Saturday morning and Adon had his first bottle around lunch time. He did ok with it, but neither of us liked it as much as the closeness of nursing. However, it's nice to know that he'll take a bottle if necessary. Adon did really well in the car both times.

J has this week off of school so we went to Bloomington to visit with J's family. We've been struggling with whether to let Adon sleep on his tummy. He sleeps really well and prefers his tummy, but it's much riskier for SIDS and should sleep on his side or his back. However, he cried so much on his back last night we let him sleep on his tummy and he slept for 7 hours!!! That's the longest he's ever slept! So far it's been nice to lay around and do nothing. Nona's been so helpful holding and snuggling Adon so I can rest. This afternoon, the grandkids (Adon, Bradley, and Ashlin) are having their pictures taken. We'll be in Bloomington until Thursday. We'll sleep at home for one night and then we head off to the ladies' retreat with church.

Also, here are some more pictures of Adon. I'm currently working on uploading some more current ones...however, it takes 10 times longer to upload them when you're out in the country! :o)
First Bath
First Outing
Cute Pictures from March
First Walk with Mom


Ryan and Lori said...

I know how you feel about letting a baby sleep on their tummy, but Adriana NEVER slept on her back, and never has. The first night home from the hospital was a nightmare, because she just would not sleep on her back. We ended up letting her sleep on her side and that worked for a while, but it wasn't long till she was always on her stomach. She slept through the night around 5-6 weeks old. That is a bonus for them sleeping on their tummy's, they do tend to sleep longer.

Crystal Pennington said...

Hey Annie! Congrats on your handsome baby boy! Donna, the proud aunt, showed us lots of pictures. I hope you guys are doing well. Thanks for the comment on our blog. We should get to see you guys that weekend you are here for Kari's graduation! We look forward to seeing you then!