Sunday, February 24, 2008

Belly Pics...Finally

For all those who've been waiting (and begging) for tummy you go. 36 weeks/8 months

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Anonymous said...

Yay! thank you! you look adorable! i know you are so anxious to see your little adon!!!!


jakesbabydoll said...

that's my little adon in your belly! yay for baby! i really can't wait! i think uncle jake and aunt yaya will be his favorite! ;o)

donnabeth said...

i can't believe AJ's almost done baking! you don't look big enough yet!!

The Shindels said...

Donna, I tried every which way to make my tummy look bigger, because I knew you'd say that! I even asked the doctor and she said I'm measuring week for week where I should be...which was slightly a relief that I wasn't measuring weeks ahead, because I don't want a Jeremy-sized baby! :o)