Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nursery Pics...Finally

I've been waiting to post pics until Adon's room didn't look quite so cluttered. Today J and I put away the paint cans, put the crib together, put the closet back together, took all of the tags of all clothes from newborn through 6 months, washed said clothes, brought the dresser home from Grammy and Grampy's house, washed the dresser, and put the odds and ends where they belong. So below you'll see pics from the four corners of his wee-little room.

Daddy put the crib together with a few grunts and growls despite the worship music playing in the background. The quilt hanging on the crib was made by Grandma Jayne (J's step-mom). The walls were done by Aunt Donna with a little bit of painting labor from Mommy & Daddy.

More animals drawn/painted by Aunt Donna. Balloons from last weekends' showers. The dresser from Grammy and Grampy's house that the four Helfer girls used throughout our childhood. The amazing diaper cake (from the shower) and the adorable lamp are sitting on top of the changing pad until we figure out where they'll go. The dresser we registered for was longer and the lamp would have fit. We're thinking a small bookshelf to put his books on and the lamp can sit on top.

More animals drawn by Aunt Donna and painted by Mommy. Adon's wee-little closet in his wee-little room. Mommy's Christmas present (glider) from Daddy. The gliding ottoman is sitting under the window until needed. Otherwise, it'll block the closet.

Close up of the diaper cake and the adorable lamp. In the bottom left corner is Adon's already full toy basket. See the next post for a pic of his whole room. Unfortunately, blogspot will only let me post 4 pics at a time...unless someone out there knows how to beat the system. :o)


John and Amy said...

the room looks AMAZINGLY CUTE! i love it and i know adon will love it too!


jakesbabydoll said...

who did that AMAZING diaper cake?! it is just TOO darn cute! i love it! *wink wink*

donnabeth said...

AJ's gonna love his room! You'll have to tell him that Aunt Donna in Texas helped paint it :)

Ryan and Lori said...

I love the Adon's Room, it is SO cute! Adriana had a small room too, but its all they need. I love the belly shots too. Thanks for posting the latest!