Saturday, May 26, 2007

Arrrr, Matey

We were so excited for the new Pirates movie that just came out. It came out on our one-year anniversary of our first date. When the second movie ended, J's response was, "NOOOOO, they can't do that!!!!" So the third movie has been much anticipated. There's been preparations and excitement all week for it. We watched Pirates 1 (The Curse of the Black Pearl) on Thursday night and Pirates 2 (Dead Man's Chest) on Friday afternoon to refresh our memories and make sure we didn't miss anything in the the third one. J and I went to see the third movie, At World's End, ($17.50 for two tickets!!!) Friday night. It was incredible!! The only downfall was I fell asleep during the big fight scene and missed what I thought was the best part...can't tell you what that was. Don't want to ruin anything. I can't wait to see it again and definitely can't wait until the Collector's set of all of the movies comes out. J thinks there will be yet another sequel, so that set may be a while.

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