Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Good News & Bad News

Bad News - 4-5 hours after the AC technician left yesterday, our house was hotter than when he left. We realized while the vents were coolish, they were putting out minimal air. So, we turned the AC off and ran the attic fan to pull in the cool night air. We called the repairman this morning to schedule another visit. Fortunately, they were agreeable to come today, despite our street being closed for resurfacing. The guy cleaned out a clogged hose (from all of the cat/dog hair, my hair, dirt from having a high traffic house, and failure to change the filter frequently) and it began to really pump out some cold air! However, the thermostat kept shutting off the AC even though it wasn't cool in the house. The repairman said we need a new one and he would charge $190 to replace it or we could do it ourselves for around $40. Hmm...let me think about that one. The charge for labor for today was almost another $100.

Good News - The AC has been running almost all afternoon and it's finally cooling off in here (even though we'll probably turn it off since it'll be around 68* tomorrow). Also, they didn't charge us for another service call, just the labor. The whole thing cost around $250, which isn't anywhere near a new unit. Thank God it's working before it gets too hot and I really can't sleep!!

More Good News - At my 36-week+ check up today, the doctor said I was already 2 cm dilated! I know this means nothing in terms of when I'll go into labor, but it was exciting to me since I was barely 2 cm with Adon after my water broke. I'm glad my body is beginning to do the work! That just means it'll have less to do later! We're still 25 days from the estimated arrival date, but we're getting more and more excited by the day! Also, I'm planning on baking/cooking a lot tomorrow to get some more meals ready for the freezer. I'm looking forward to a cool day to do it, too!

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