Sunday, November 9, 2008

August in Review

Sorry for getting so behind. I have some quiet time for a few minutes before little man will be up for lunch. Naps have been sooo much better. We've been letting him cry it out and he's been going back to sleep until the end of his nap time. Thank you so much for your prayers!!

It's a good thing we take pictures. I'd never remember life without them. So, based on our pics, back in August....

Adon took lots of cat naps, but none that lasted very long.

At almost 5 months, Adon was sitting up and was preparing for the Olympics with his floor routine.

He wore classic John Deere colors, courtesy of Nona and Papa Smith.

And he turned 5 months old...

And some other random things...mostly of him sleeping since that's when he's most still. :)

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