Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Nothing will make you appreciate what you have until you see what someone else has...

Max threw up in his bed...then ate it...TWICE in the last week. That sound will certainly send a pregnant woman running for the bathroom. I jokingly told Jer that Max was HIS dog.

Donna, while holding Adon, got a sandwich out of the fridge for a snack and let her dog, Daisy, and Max in from outside. Obviously both dogs were interested in her snack. However, Max just watched. Daisy kept jumping on her to get her sandwich and finally succeeded. She wouldn't leave it alone even though Donna just about had her pinned to the ground. One piece of bread landed right in front of Max and he started to go for it...until I told him no. He promptly backed away while Donna was still trying to wrestle Daisy and hold Adon.

Of course we laughed, but it definitely made me appreciate Max's obedience...especially since I'm not really a dog person.

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