Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Memory

Yesterday we drove to Bloomington, and J said, "Hold on" as we accelerated onto the highway. That reminded me of Gram...she used to say, "Hank (not a typo) on to your hats!" She'd also jokingly say, after making a turn close to another vehicle, "It's ok, they were on your side."

I learned today that Grandma Kazenske's (J's grandma) middle name was Elizabeth. I already knew that J's other grandma's name was Cleda Belle. Our someday daughter, whose name I liked before we were even married, will be named after both of them. I only wish our children could know more of their great-grandparents. We're so grateful to have Happy (J's grandpa) around and part of Adon's life. We have an awesome picture of the four generations. What a heritage!

Why did you pick the names you've given your children? What do they mean?

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