Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just an everyday update

Here are a few things that are going on in the Shindel household as of late...

Max is up to 27 pounds at 5 1/2 months.

Jack and Jill still don't enjoy being his chew toys.

Jeremy's softball team played a double-header last night and won both games.

Annie helped shoot her first bridal session (just the bride in her dress a week before the wedding...kinda like a trial run) last Friday.

Jeremy's working full-time at Starbucks and taking as many shifts as possible (he's on-call) at Gateway Ambulance.

Annie's got her first photography client (a good friend who's pregnant and wants some pics with her husband).

Jeremy got a new video game (Marvel Ultimate Alliance - with all the Marvel Comic Super Heroes) a few weeks ago and we play it a lot together! Jeremy's favorite character to play is definitely The Hulk. I like to play Ms. Marvel and oh, what's his name...he teleports and is super sarcastic. Any help with his name?

Annie's sister Jamie is on her way back (driving 32 hours) from Yakima, WA for a youth mission trip to an Indian reservation where they did some home construction and taught VBS.

Annie's sister Donna is getting her new apartment in Dallas next weekend. She's coming to STL in two weeks to get all of her things from our house and Mom & Dad's house. Mom is going to ride in the truck down to Dallas with her and then fly back.

Annie's sister Kari...well, we haven't talked much lately...could be because she's crazy about her boyfriend, Jake! Oh yeah...Kari's also moving the weekend that Donna is. She's moving from an apartment to a townhouse...both are on campus. Jake is going down to help.

Jeremy's family (mom, sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew, and maybe mom's boyfriend Ben) are coming to STL from Bloomington next weekend!! We haven't seen them since the end of April. We're so excited that they're coming!!! We miss them like crazy. We're probably going to take the kids to Grant's Farm on Saturday. Tara (sis) is going to give us much needed haircuts! Tara and Rich (bro-in-law) are renewing their vows with a big wedding over Labor Day weekend. J and A are both in the wedding. It'll be a blast!

We had Mom's and Dad's families (the STL gang) over on the 4th of July to celebrate Mom's birthday (7/3). It was so memorable! I can still see everyone huddled under big golf umbrellas trying to keep the grills and the fryer dry! We had about 5 torrential downpours while the sun was out! One every hour or so. Uncle Gary had the fryer outside for some fried corn and chicken wings. We had two charcoal grills going with the meat and the rest of the corn. It was a riot!! Fortunately, we have several big trees covering our backyard that kept a good portion of the rain off of the food. Everytime, we'd get the chairs and tables dried off, it'd rain again! But everyone had a great time, even with the weather.

Well, that's about the extent of what's been going on in the Shindel household recently.

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Becky Miller said...

Nice update! Good to hear what's going on with you guys.