Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another Everyday Update...

To follow up on a few things last posted:

Max got his last puppy shot this week and officially weighs in at 30.5 pounds!! He's more than doubled his weight in 6 weeks. I talked with a friend who studied animal medicine in college and she thinks he'll easily be 90 pounds. Whoa! That's a lotta dog! That's like having 3 Maxes! We gave Max his first bath this week. He really hates the could be because I doused him when he pooped in the rockbed once. J had the hose, and I had the leash. Max tried hiding behind me and dodging the water. Then J held the leash while I lathered him up with Head & Shoulders shampoo (of all things! it's the only thing we could find that we didn't use!) We tried to take a few pictures, but Max just kept shaking trying to get the water off. We rinsed him off and let him run around the yard (and roll in the dirt!) to dry off while J and I had a water fight.

I actually talked to Kari this week...still nothing too exciting to report. :o) She misses Jake and she misses St. Louis. blah, blah, blah

Jamie made it home safely from the Yakima, WA mission trip! She and Mom attended an intercessory prayer meeting with J & I on Wednesday, and Jamie prayed out a number of time with passion! Praise God for working in the youth!

I remembered the name of the Superhero I enjoy playing on the video's Deadpool. I'd never heard of him before the game, but he's got a really funny smart mouth!

Barry (our wedding photographer) and his family have invited us to go to Florida with them in October. It would be great for him to shoot us on beach (with his camera, of course!) and for us to celebrate our anniversary. However, after crunching some conservative numbers, a trip like that would cost us around $2,000! So we're contemplating what else we could do on our meager budget to celebrate our anniversary. Praise God that we both have jobs! We're not complaining, just trying to be resourceful. Anyone have any great anniversary ideas? We're currently considering returning to the cabin in the Smoky Mountains that we stayed in for our honeymoon and Dallas. We have a number of friends and family that it would be great to see, but it is our anniversary. The Smoky Mountains would be more expensive, but oh, so romantic.

We've been trying to get the house in order for J's family's arrival. However, last weekend I had a brilliant idea that our filing system needed a major overhaul and it's currently spread over 10 feet of tables in our living room! Jeremy's only goal for me tonight while he's working is to get that done. Yikes! And my amazing husband said he'd take care of cleaning the rest of the house tomorrow and finish the grocery shopping. While I hate being apart working opposite schedules, it does lend itself to accomplishing more. :o) Guess I should dive into the piles of paperwork.
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Kari said...

the clip that is on my profile is a clip from the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks. I was given a 3 minute clip from my professor and we had to edit it using Windows Movie Maker. So I made a "trailer" for a pretend movie. It's ok that you're not the trivia geek...Jer covers that for everyone.

and PS- my life is not blah blah blah! :o) me missing jake is VERY important!!! and you guys should come to dallas for your anniversary. that would be great fun!!

Donna said...

that's a lot of dog hair on jer's hand...gross!

Becky Miller said...

Annie! I saw a hint of a hint floating around the internet... Do tell!

For anniversary ideas...did you see my recent post about our fourth anniversary date? That was fun. For our first anniversary, we stayed at a hotel with a hot tub in the room...very fun.

If you do go to Florida, you should think about doing a Trash the Dress shoot. Matthew and I doing one in New Hampshire next week!

donna said...

you need to update your have lots of interesting things to tell the world!