Monday, September 10, 2007

Baby Names

We get our next ultrasound next week. This will be the unofficial determining of the sex. Our friend, Joy, from church, works for the Pregnancy Resource Center doing ultrasounds. She offered to do one for us at 16 weeks to determine if we have a boy or a girl, since our doctor won't do the next one until 20 weeks (4.5 more weeks away!!). Seeing as how we are so impatient and SOOOOO excited to meet this little person, we jumped all over that. I can't wait to call the baby by name! Jeremy is very sure we're having a boy and I have a hunch that she's a girl! We've had some fun teasing about it over the last few weeks. :o) So next week, we'll find out if we're having a Bella or an Adon (pronounced with a short a, kinda like Adam...but definitely NOT like Aidan).

Isabella Grace (Bella)
Isabella - consecrated to God
Grace - full of grace
Bella - beautiful

Adon Jeremiah
Adon - lord, singular form of Adonai, which when used in the Bible refers to God, but Adon refers to a human lord. Adon also means: fire, my Lord is Jehovah (Covenant), extremely good looking, handsome
Jeremiah - Yahweh (God) has uplifted

Let us know what you think! Bella or Adon?

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