Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I FEEL GOOD (dun-na-na-na-na-na)

Week 8 started out horribly!! I missed my first day of work for baby. It was horrible. If I wasn't nauseas, I had a terrible headache...all day. I went to bed around 5 pm!! I did get up to eat (so I wouldn't get sick) around 9, but went quickly back to bed and slept until almost 6 the next morning. I'm so grateful Jamie was here to take care of me.

Day #2 this week was better, but I still felt pretty icky.

Day #3...I feel good!! and fat!! I still don't feel normal, but haven't felt like throwing up today! I've read you're only supposed to gain 2-4 pounds in the first trimester. Two-thirds of the way through the first trimester and I've already gained 3.5 pounds...but if feels like 10!!! I'm so squishy! I can't wear too many of my pants...wait, I CAN wear them, but it presses on my tummy and makes me I guess I really can't. I'm not ready for maternity clothes yet, but my dress pants selection is very slim. I guess this all comes from eating more. I'm not eating for two, but I am eating to keep from getting sick. If I don't eat every 2 hours or so, I start getting super nauseas. I'm trying to keep those to snack-sized portions, but it's hard when it's a normal meal time. Tummy picture #1 is coming soon.


Becky Miller said...

I used this site and put in the bakery address and found three practices within 20 miles that say they have at least one CNM on staff.

donna said...

can't wait for the belly pictures!