Sunday, January 21, 2007

Visiting the Romers in Dallas

It's so cool how God builds relationships in the body! :o) We visited the Romers, who have 5 kids 6 and under. The weather was really bad, so we got to stay inside all cozy and warm spending time together. Dan and Jeremy shared what their visions were for family and the church and we were amazed how similar they were. I (Annie) learned so much from Susie in the every day activities with the kids. I learned about love and discipline, about homeschooling and the importance of time in the Word and for yourself. We played "chase" with the kids and their version of hide and seek! The girls love it when you jump out at them and scare them while they're looking for you. :o) Dan and Susie challenged us and asked us to evaluate how much we trust in the sovereignty of God in every area of our lives. Needless to say, our revelation grew tremendously! We have a more defined vision and an even greater belief that our God is sovereign in EVERY area of life. We have laid down our plans and dreams to pursue the vision He's called us to. Knowing how much it may cost us, we are full of faith that God will more than provide! We came home fully refreshed and excited to see what God would bring.

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Mistih said...

Best Friend!!
I just found your blog because I saw it posted on Donna's...hope you are doing great!